In 2012, RealityCorp, based in Wilmington, DE, focused on automated testing products and services utilizing their proprietary automation framework, ClinTest. In the fall of 2016, working with our Cloud hosting partner, we implemented an easy to access and use self-service cloud alternative with corresponding support. Our ClinTest Cloud Testing Platform delivers total flexibility on how much test script creation and regression testing you want to consume each month. Access to the ClinTest Cloud Testing Platform is via VMWare where access security is customized to meet your corporate standards and requirements.

Making our ClinTest Cloud Testing Platform easy to access and use, all you simply do is request ClinTest instance(s) monthly depending on how much testing is planned. Optionally you can select a professional service support package (e.g., 5, 10, 20, 30 hours etc.) that can be used for training, test script design, development, and on-going support. You control the entire testing process and cost, allowing you, at your own pace to implement automation very quickly and then transition your team to a self-service model.

The ClinTest Cloud Testing Platform provides a quick, low cost and low risk option for you to initially get a feel for our product and support in real time. This will give you the flexibility to ramp-up or ramp-down your testing band-width, so you can support new testing/implementation cycles as they occur. We make additional ClinTest instance(s) available very quickly using a standard ClinTest image copy.

Further, with our cloud partners, we can offer Call Flow Automated Documentaion/Mapping Generation, Monitoring and Stress/Volume Testing enabling use across a wide range of different industries including insurance, energy, financial, government, telecommunications, and more.

For more information or to request a demonstration of any of the above testing solutions, just reference our Contact tab.

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    Today, endpoint is proud to announce that they have adopted RealityCorp’s ClinTest Voice. ClinTest Voice offers clients a dynamic, easy to use, solution for IVR test automation in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

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  • endpoint adopts RealityCorp's ClinTest™ Voice

    Today, endpoint announced a partnership with RealityCorp to trial their product Clintest Voice. Clintest Voice offers clients a dynamic, easy to use solution for IVR test automation in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

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  • Pronexus announces partnership with RealityCorp

    Pronexus, the developer of the leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) toolkit Pronexus VBVoice™, announced a partnership with RealityCorp that will enable VBVoice developers, testers, and quality assurance analysts to easily automate the functional testing of their IVR systems using ClinTest Voice.

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