Since 2012 RealityCorp has provided IVR and Web quality automated testing product solutions and support services directly and thru reseller partnerships. Our automated testing product and related testing support services have been used by a wide range of companies. Our 2016 cloud self-service automated testing platform now provides an easy to access and easy to use for any size testing group and budget. Our automamted cloud testing platform appeals to companies that are looking to replace or augment their current ineffective manual testing process. These include:

  • Small development companies not scaled to support full-time testing utilize our manual and automation services to provide flexibility and bandwidth
  • Growth companies seeking efficient, innovative alternatives to provide value to their expanding customer base
  • Mid-size to Large CRO, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Software Companies and to large across industry energy, financial, insurance and health providers seeking rapid System and User Acceptance Testing of their client facing enterprise software platforms.
phone: 302.995.2770 fax: 302.995.1005 address: 240 North James St. Suite 103, Newport DE 19804