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Product Features

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  • Time and Cost Savings

    Eliminate days from the software development lifecycle (SDLC) by removing tedious manual execution and objective evidence capture from the testing process

  • Integrated Testing

    The Features Manager allows users to activate the voice, web, or both features for each installation

  • Voice Features Overview

    ClinTest allows users to script for any phone validation activities that would be used during manual testing by supporting inbound and outbound calling and inputs using DTMF and Voice Input

  • Web Features Overview

    ClinTest allows users to script across browsers using pre-validated web actions that capture appropriate screenshots for supporting evidence

  • Flexible Framework

    ClinTest allows users to seamlessly combine Database, Voice, and Web functionality in one test script to dynamically validate and capture objective evidence from testing

  • Connects Like a Phone

    ClinTest works like a "softphone" connecting to your Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) to mimic the manual testing process

  • Validated Web Testing

    ClinTest serves as a validated framework that interacts with Quick Test Professional (QTP), enhancing QTP's object recognition with ClinTest's powerful framework, execution, and reporting

  • Rapid Script Creation

    The Scripting "OAP" Interface allows users to rapidly generate test scripts in Excel by organizing available validation activities and providing instant references to user materials

  • Easy Test Script Management

    The Design Pane allows users to organize, reference, and open Test Scripts and Output through the Design Pane on the runtime interface

  • Control and Configure

    The Settings and Tools Menus as well as the Syntax Check allows users to manage pretest configuration and the Play, Pause, and Stop buttons to manage runtime execution

  • Quickly Review Results

    The Execution Pane provides a high-level summary of test results during and after text execution

  • Instant Feedback

    The Runtime User Interface allows users to quickly review and analyze action level results during and after text execution

  • Superior Documentation

    The Objective Evidence and Automation Output allows users to provide not only the action level actual results of the testing but in-depth, action level objective evidence embedded into one document

    Sample Output
  • Full Scale Validation

    Custom Database, XML, and File System viewers allow users to incorporate and provide objective evidence for full scale validation

  • ASR Driven Technology

    The Tools Menu helps a user will all aspects of Voice Profile creation and audio file management

  • Around the Clock Testing

    The application works with Windows Task Scheduler allowing users to kick off any size automation package at anytime without manual intervention

  • Immediate Notifications

    Instantly send Execution Summary and Failure Alerts to distribution lists to inform users of execution results or test failures

    Execution Summary Failure Alert
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